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The Global Development Institute and the School of Social Sciences invite you to see

Professor Saskia Sassen, Professor at Columbia University,
for a lecture on Geographies of expulsion

This talk is based on Saskia Sassen’s book Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy (Harvard University Press/Belknap 2014)

The past two decades have seen a sharp growth in the number of people, enterprises, and places expelled from the core social and economic orders of our time. Once expelled, a kind of strange invisibility sets in, no matter how material that which is expelled – whether it is the 30 million people expelled from their homes in the USA over the last decade, or the rapidly expanding stretches of dead land and dead water in our world.

This tipping into radical expulsion was enabled by elementary decisions in some cases, but in others by some of our most advanced economic and technical achievements. Saskia uses the notion of expulsions to go beyond the more familiar notion of growing inequality, and gets at some of the more complex pathologies in today’s world. It brings to the fore the fact that forms of knowledge and intelligence we respect and admire are often at the origin of long transaction chains that can end in simple and brutal expulsions.


Location: Lecture Theatre B, University Place

Wine reception: After the lecture on the First Floor foyer space outside the lecture theatre