Masterclass: A Development Research Forum

So what is Masterclass?

Masterclass is our unique weekly series that puts you in close contact with leading development researchers. It is a focus group so the access is extremely limited and available to only those who register first and are committed.

What is the format?

Each week, we ask a leading researcher to pick their most challenging piece of work that we ask each attendee to read before the event. During the event, one hour is reserved for the attendees to scrutinise the work of the researchers and get them to reveal their secrets. Sounds exciting eh?

What do I have to do?

The first requirement is to be interested in global development. You do not necessarily need to be an all-knowing angel since the motive of the series is to advance knowledge. But each attendee has to read the paper provided before the event as the whole session is interactive and we do not want you to be a sofa.

How do I sign up?

Each Masterclass has its separate registration page. Access is restricted to those who register. Please visit our events page for the latest Masterclass registration link.

Upcoming Masterclasses